Meet the Directors

The Ealing Paces directors are all well experienced in MRCP PACES and in both undergraduate and post graduate teaching.

Meet The Directors

The Ealing Paces course is organised by Professor Jaspal S Kooner, who is Professor of Clinical Cardiology at Imperial College, Consultant Cardiologist at Hammersmith Hospital, and Consultant Physician and Cardiologist at Ealing Hospital. Professor Kooner has more than twenty years experience in postgraduate and undergraduate teaching.

Professor Jaspal S Kooner


Qualified 1981 (St Thomas’) Postgraduate training in Cardiology & Medicine at Hammersmith, St Mary’s, and Guys. Twenty years experience in postgraduate teaching including Imperial College DIM, DIC and BSc courses.

Professor Karim Meeran


Qualified 1988 (Royal Free) Postgraduate Training in Endocrinology at Hammersmith and St. Bartholomew’s. Many years teaching experience both within and outside Imperial College. Holds an award for Excellence in Teaching from Imperial College and is an accredited member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching.

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