The MRCP Paces

Ealing PACES has been designed to provide you with the best practice for the MRCP PACES examination balancing the right amount of teaching and exposure to a wide variety of cases.

Every student at Ealing Paces benefits from the opportunity to directly examine patients under the close supervision of a course tutor, ensuring a highly supportive and educational experience. Additionally, you will actively practice and hone your communication skills and consultation techniques, engaging with real-world scenarios that you’ll encounter in the examination stations. After each session, you’ll receive personalised feedback designed to refine your approach and enhance your clinical acumen.

We encourage all participants to bring their own stethoscope and ophthalmoscope to facilitate a hands-on learning environment. The course not only includes these immersive practice opportunities but also provides for your comfort with complimentary tea, coffee, and a buffet lunch, all encompassed within the course fee.


The MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination (PACES) is designed to test the clinical knowledge and skills of trainee doctors who hope to enter higher specialist training (ST4). The exam sets rigorous standards to ensure that trainees are competent across a range of skills and ready to provide a high standard of care to patients.

MRCP(UK) develops and delivers membership and specialty examinations that are recognised around the world as quality benchmarks of medical knowledge and clinical skills. Good examinations play an important role in the protection of patients by ensuring that doctors have the appropriate high level of knowledge and skill. They also give every doctor a fair chance to demonstrate his or her level of ability – no matter when or where the examination is taken.

The exams are mapped to the UK core medical training curriculum and knowledge of this and UK national guidelines should form part of your preparation for the exams.

This diagram illustrates the timeline of a UK physician in training and the place of the MRCP(UK) and Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs).

Content courtesy of MRCP UK.

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Session A

Respiratory and Abdominal cases. Duration: Two Hours

Session B

Communication Skills. Duration: Two Hours

Session C

Cardiovascular. Duration: Two Hours

Session D

Full consultation skills for PACES23 station 2. Cases covering Skin, Locomotor, Cardiovascular and Neurology. Duration: Two Hours

Session E

Neurology short cases. Duration: Two Hours

Session F

Full consultation skills for PACES23 station 5. Cases covering Eyes, Endocrine and Neurology. ​ Duration: Two Hours

Need more Information?

If you would like to know more information about any of our courses please don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our Ealing Paces representatives will be happy to help. Please note that for any correspondence this will go to our Ealing Paces, 1 Manhattan Business Park address. When attending one of courses you will be required to go direct to Ealing Hospital.


Any cancellation must be received in writing. In the event of cancellation 10 days or more before your allocated course, a fee of £50 will be deducted. If less than 10-days notice is given a cancellation fee of £200 will be deducted.

If your place can be rebooked, we will waive the cancellation fee. If no notice is received and you do not take up your place on the course, no refund will be made.




“You get to practice being in a mock exam situation. Patient’s are varied and have got very specific conditions that are quite rare. I know that at the end of me doing the course a few years ago, I felt much more confident than studying on my own.”
Dr Sara Murthy

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