Meet the Tutors

Our team of tutors are well experienced in the field of MRCP Paces and have been teaching for many years now. Find out about all our tutors and how they can help you achieve your qualifications.

Dr Belinda Sandler

Dr Sandler graduated in medicine from University College London in 2006. She is a specialist cardiology registrar in London with several publications and is currently undertaking a PhD in electrophysiology at Imperial College London. Dr Sandler was awarded a Clinical Fellow Training award from the British Heart Foundation in 2013.

Dr Sandler has been involved in clinical teaching MRCP candidates for the past 5 years and among other matters, helped organise the PACES exam at Tunbridge Wells in 2012. She has also completed many other teaching courses, including the RCP “On-the-job teaching” and “teaching for learning” at Imperial College London.

Dr Sandler enjoys teaching and has received excellent feedback since she has been teaching at Ealing PACES.

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