The New MRCP Paces 2023 Format- All you need to know

As you gear up for the MRCP PACES exam, it’s crucial to be familiar with the fresh format rolling out in 2023. Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

For MRCP PACES candidates, understanding the carousel’s layout is key. Here’s what you should know:

Station 1: Focuses on two 10-minute scenarios: one for communication and the other for a respiratory examination. The communication aspect might include ethical considerations or explaining medical conditions to a patient.

Station 2 & 5: Each of these is a 20-minute clinical consultation. You’ll spend 15 minutes with a patient, conducting a history, examination, and discussing management plans, and then you’ll have 5 minutes of Q&A with the examiners. These stations are a significant chunk of the exam and assess all seven clinical skills.

Station 3 & 4: These combine a 10-minute examination (cardiovascular or abdominal) and a 10-minute communication scenario. They’re designed to evaluate your ability to perform under time constraints while maintaining thorough clinical technique and communication.

The communication and consultation stations are your opportunity to demonstrate a range of skills from clinical knowledge to bedside manner. Remember, the way you interact with patients and communicate your findings is as important as your diagnostic acumen. Use these moments to show your proficiency in empathy, clarity, and professionalism.

Examiners will be looking for your ability to integrate clinical findings with patient management, ensuring you’re ready for real-world practice. While the pressure might be on, the format is designed to assess your skills in a balanced and fair way, giving you space to demonstrate your full potential.

The Ealing MRCP PACES Course can serve as a vital part of your preparation strategy. With our course, students can delve into a variety of cases that span each station, providing a broad and enriching experience similar to the actual exam.You’ll have the chance to practice under exam-like conditions, testing your ability to navigate the stations with confidence and competence. Our experienced tutors provide personalised feedback, honing in on areas for improvement to help refine your approach across both communication and clinical consultation scenarios.

Whether it’s a communication station where your empathy and clarity are key or a consultation station that tests your clinical judgement and knowledge, the Ealing course is designed to prepare you comprehensively. This practice, combined with direct feedback, can be a game-changer in your exam performance, offering a level of preparation that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Remember, while practice is essential, so is feedback, and at Ealing, you get an ample measure of both. Equip yourself with the experience of numerous cases and the expertise of seasoned tutors to face the MRCP PACES with increased confidence.

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