MRCP PACES: What to wear?

There’s something to be said for the fact that patients on Ealing PACES are more positive and helpful towards candidates who are dressed smartly. What you wear is part of what makes a good first impression with patients and examiners. You would be surprised at many candidates get this wrong. With that in mind, Dr Andrew Eichholz gives his top fashion tips on how to dress at your MRCP PACES exam and beyond. . .


Here are my tips to help you through your PACES shopping trip:


• You will be asked to be “bare below the elbows” and wash your hands or use alcohol gel to clean your hands between patients for infection control purposes. You should either wear a short sleeved shirt, or wear a long sleeved shirt and roll up your sleeves. There is no point wearing a blazer or the top half of a suit as you will be asked to remove it.


• Dress in neutral colours (e.g. blue, beige, black). Avoid wearing bright colours, such as red or fluorescent pink.


• For men, I would suggest a smart pair of trousers (e.g. the bottom half of a suit) and a white shirt with a collar.


• If you wear a tie then this should be tucked in to your shirt (to avoid it falling on to the patients you are examining).


• For women, I would suggest having long hair tied back.


• Avoid wearing anything distracting. Women, no short skirts. Men, no shorts!


If you are unsure what to wear to the exam, then why not wear your outfit to the course and ask our instructors whether they think it is appropriate?

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